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      Our Principal: Abdul Nasar Vallasseri 


Applications are invited for the following permanent posts: Asst. Professors in Commerce, English, Mathematics, malayalam, Economics and Physical Education, Non-Teaching staff: Head Clerk, Clerks, LD Typist, Librarian Grade iv and Office attendance      

Email: Web: Phone: 04931 249666


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Our Mission:

       Ambedkar College of Arts & Science, Wandoor is unique in the sense that it is the first such Institution ever sanctioned by Govt. for the upliftment of the scheduled classes. The college is run by “INDIRAJI MEMORIAL SOCIETY”. The society is registered, No.982/2013, and is in the same path as “PEOPLES EDUCATION SOCIETY” ESTABLISHED BY THE GREAT VISIONARY, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. In 1946 he started the SIDHARTHA COLLEGE in Bombay under the auspices of the “PEOPLE S EDUCATION SOCIETY”. He also urged the Government, “The primary responsibility of providing opportunities for educating the downtrodden and depressed class lies with Government”. We are happy to record though belatedly, our Government remembered Dr. Ambedkar’s word and reacted positively to fulfill its responsibility. It is befitting that the college is established in Wandoor, a Reserved Constituency based on the Scheduled Class population. Cultivation of mind must be the ultimate aim of human existence”, said Dr. Ambedkar. Our mission is to provide for all out development of our students.